"On the Rocks"Cliffside Lodge

"On the Rocks" Cliffside Lodge epitomizes rustic elegance.  Perched at the Northernmost tip of the Green Bay waters, this home offers unparalleled sunset views.  For more information, click here for a brochure.  To explore our websites please go to www.cliffsidelodge.com or www.cliffshorerental.com.  To contact owner Mike McGraw, send an email to michael.l.mcgraw@comcast.net.

The Shoreline Resort Motel & Condominiums is nestled in the enchanting village of Gills Rock at the northernmost tip of the Door County peninsula. Gills Rock is one of the last bastions of peaceful tranquility that has made this spot a vacation paradise. The 175’ of private waterfront offers magnificent views. The waters of this area are perfect for leisurely day trips to nearby islands, carefree cruising to view the Door’s natural bluffs, or just finding a peaceful private cove. Every room and condominium has a beautiful view of the water.  For more information or to book online, please click here.

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Shoreline Resort Motel & Condominiums